Paulina Breaks As News Spreads That Mayor Abe Carver Is Most Certainly Dead

DAYS recap for Tuesday, June 27, 2023: And just when she’d allowed hope to enter her fortified heart.

rafe hernandez and jada hunter delivered terrible news to paulina price and theo carver and in the days of our lives recap for tuesday, june 27, 2023.Paulina Price was devastated to hear about her poor husband.

In today’s Days of our Lives recap, MIA Abe is declared D.E.A.D. much to the consternation of his loved ones — his wife in particular.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Harris Michaels’s (Steve Burton) efforts to disappear Megan (Miranda Wilson) hit a major snag, and Whitley (Kim Coles) and Jerry’s (Terrell Ransom Jr.) power struggle concluded with the former coming out on top. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: The Worst Of Times

After debating with Rafe (Galen Gering) whether or not supposed eye-witness Jerry was to be believed, Eli (Lamon Archey) ripped off his shirt and plunged into the drink in an attempt to locate Abe (James Reynolds). No dice!

With nothing more to go on — and having gotten a tad rough with Jerry — a barely dried Eli declared that he was heading to the hospital and see if the blood collected at the scene of the crime matched Abe’s. If so, he resolved to call and tell Lani (Sal Stowers) the bad news.

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Meanwhile, Theo (Cameron Johnson) swung by Paulina’s (Jackée Harry) apartment with news: Eli’s got a lead on Abe…one that he [that’s Theo, not Eli] thinks is going to tie that nurse to his dad’s disappearance. In spite of herself, Paulina refused to share in her stepson’s enthusiasm. She just couldn’t get her hopes up. No more wishful thinking. She couldn’t handle it. She. Can’t. Handle it!

Theo calmed Paulina down and reminded her that all they have is hope — and hope is a powerful thing. When he’d been shot and lapsed into a coma, Abe had never given up hope, and look at him today.

Convinced of what Theo speaks, a hope-filled Paulina phoned Rafe who immediately sent the call to voicemail. Paulina decided that the first thing she’s going to do when Abe returns is tell him what a good son he raised [and then plant kisses ALL over her hubby’s face]. Across town, Rafe was joined by Jada (Elia Cantu), fresh off a girlie convo with Kate (Lauren Koslow).

Jada expressed a fear that her and Rafe’s intimate act somehow prevented him from reaching Abe in time, but Rafe assured her that wasn’t the case. Had he and Eli arrived just a few minutes earlier, it wouldn’t have changed things.

With that granted, Rafe received the dreaded call — it was Abe’s blood that they found on the docks. Rafe and Jada had no choice but to go tell Paulina and relay the terrible news. Abe would never be coming back to her. Paulina fell apart.

DOOL Recap: Best Laid Plan

Elsewhere, a small corner of the sprawling Salem Park to be precise, Megan refused to cower before a gun-toting Harris. Make a run for it, yes. Taunt him mercilessly, absolutely. But not cower.

Harris explained to his hostage that he planned to send her somewhere where she’ll discover new levels of misery every. Single. Day. — and he wasn’t talking Disneyworld! And as for why he was doing this, it’s to stop all the insanity; to stop her; to stop whatever she’s planning to do to Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Kate. Oh yes, Kate.

Megan demanded to know what role Kate was playing in her abduction, but Harris refused to say. Seconds later, he was felled by a tranquilizer dart — the kind of thing “they shoot at charging rhinos” — fired by Li (Remington Hoffman).

days of our lives recap for june 27, 2023, has kate receiving a text.
Kate received a text from Harris Michaels — except it was sent by Megan.

In no time flat, Harris was spirited out of the park and into Dr. Rolf’s (Richard Wharton) laboratory. It was here that the villains made their intentions clear: they intended to recondition Harris to be Megan’s murder-minded mercenary. Cue the indignant scream! Cue Megan shooting Kate a text claiming that all was going according to plan.

Days of our Lives Recap: Versus!

Over at Whitley’s apartment, the nutty nurse did her utmost to convince Abe that he didn’t really want to go outside and get some fresh air. Unfortunately, he really, really did.

“Paulina” thought she’d get an assist from “Theo” but he overruled her. It WAS a great day for an outing. And while Abe put the finishing touches on his outfit, Jerry confronted Whitley and demanded more money for his silence.

Unfortunately, she had no more money. But what Whitley did have was standing in the community, and if she were to go to the police and tell them that it was Jerry who masterminded Abe’s kidnapping, they’d surely believe her. Game, set, and match. And, poor Abe didn’t get that trip to the park after all.

days of our lives recap for june 27, 2023, has abe carver sitting down with whitley behind him.
Abe Carver is getting stir-crazy on Days of our Lives.

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