A Few More DAYS: Should Paulina Have Kept Theo Carver in Salem?

Does Abe Carver need his son by his side these DAYS?

paulina and theo on days of our lives.Would Theo have stayed if Paulina asked?

Now that Abe is back from the dead on Days of our Lives, Theo Carver is off to South Africa. Yes, the entire country. No city necessary.

Days of our Lives Polling

Should Paulina (Jackée Harry) have tried to convince Theo (Cameron Johnson) to stay in order to make Abe’s (James Reynolds) homecoming easier rather than tell him he should return to his life?

Go Ahead With Your Own Life, Theo Carver

Paulina was just being a good stepmother, 28% of you insist. She’s right. Theo is a young man. He needs to live his own life, not stick around at home and play nursemaid to his recovering dad. Especially since Paulina’s main plan to help Abe recover his memory was to keep throwing herself at him until he admitted she was irresistible and let her kiss him into the 21st century.

DAYS: Stay Out of It

Paulina shouldn’t have said anything, and let Theo make his own decision, 33% of the audience counters. It’s obvious that Theo wanted to stay. He feels so bad about not being there for his dad and Lani (Sal Stowers). He needs the chance to make it up to them, if only for his own peace of mind. Theo is a sensitive kid, and sending him out of the country while he believes his dad still needs him will only make him feel even worse about himself.

Bad Call About Theo Carver

It’s not that Paulina shouldn’t have said anything, it’s that she shouldn’t have said the wrong thing. Which she did, 39% assert. Encouraging Abe’s son to leave town, even the country, was a bad call. Abe should get to decide what he wants. Because it’s obvious Theo wants to do what’s best for Abe. Paulina is too wrapped in her own drama and feeling offended that he doesn’t remember their marriage, their wedding, and their entire relationship to understand how Theo is feeling.

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