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Backstage Changes Announced At DAYS As Albert Alarr Is Out

Albert Alarr is out as DAYS’s co-executive producer and director.

albert alarr was under investigation for days of our lives behavior.Albert Alarr was under investigation.

As previously reported, there’s been some backstage drama going on at Days of our Lives. Now comes word that the show is making a change. Albert Alarr is out as co-executive producer. Taking over is longtime DAYS producer Janet Drucker.

Albert Alarr Out at Days of our Lives

An email has gone out to DAYS personnel from executive producer Ken Corday announcing the change. Deadline obtained a copy of it. “Effective immediately, Janet Drucker will be elevated to co-executive producer of Days of Our Lives, replacing Albert Alarr, who will be exiting his role,” Corday wrote. “Moving forward, we will be implementing additional HR protocols, including an increased HR presence as well as channels for reporting any concerns. It is imperative that we have a safe and inclusive workplace environment.”

Corday’s email to the DAYS company went on to say that the show would resume production on Monday, August 7. The show will be in hiatus the week of August 14 but that break was pre-planned.

Deadline reported last week that there was trouble behind the scenes at DAYS. Actors and other personnel at the show were interviewed by Sony Pictures Television, which distributes DAYS, after reports of harassment and abuse were leveled against Albert Alarr, who was made co-executive producer at DAYS in 2015.

A Petition Was Submitted

According to reports, Alarr was accused of using inappropriate language with the show’s actors both at the studio and at an industry awards event. A subsequent report by Deadline revealed that 25 actors had signed a petition asking for Alarr’s removal.

Farah Fath Galbond (ex-Mimi), took to X (formerly Twitter) to share her own recollections of what it was like working with Alarr. Soap Hub reported her memories here.

Fans also took to X with the hashtag #FireAlarr in an effort to show the cast they have their support and want them to work in a safe environment. They also spearheaded a movement to call the studio and demand that he be fired.

Now comes word that Alarr has left the show and Drucker is stepping in as co-executive producer. Drucker has also served as a director at DAYS. The show tapes several months in advance due to its production schedule. Therefore, viewers may see Alarr’s name on the show’s credits into early next year.

Deadline published a statement from Alarr, regarding his exit from DAYS, which reads:

It is hard to overstate how heartbreaking I find this situation.

These allegations were already examined in a detailed and entirely independent investigation that lasted for two months. Dozens of individuals cooperated and every claim was thoroughly looked into. At the end of that process, the decision was made that I should continue in my role as Co-Executive Producer. Now, with no new facts presented, the studios have reversed course and caved to a cynical pressure campaign to force me out of my job.

It’s important to set the record straight. Every day, I worked with hundreds of people, the overwhelming majority of whom would disagree with recent mischaracterizations of me. I have been in this industry for decades, and not a single complaint has ever been made against me until now.

Many of the claims recently referenced in the media are simply false. Others have been taken so out of context or are so twisted that they are unrecognizable from the truth.

To be clear, this whole situation stems from the animus of just two individuals. Those individuals, at a time of industry-wide cutbacks and economic uncertainty, have been relentlessly angling for greater pay and increased influence on the show, and, it appears, believed that their best strategy to get it was to play on vile stereotypes in order to bring down a Black man in a position of power.

I will always be proud of being the only Black director/producer in daytime soap operas. And, while I am devastated by the manner of my departure, I will always treasure my years at Days of Our Lives and wish the wildly talented cast and crew the very best for the future.

Albert Alarr

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