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Many Faces: Which Is Your Favorite Version of Xander on Days of our Lives?

Xander Paul Telfer Days of our LivesXander Paul Telfer Days of our Lives

Since he first showed up on Days of our Lives, Xander has been many things to many people. The people of Salem certainly have their opinions about which Xander (Paul Telfer) they prefer, but what about you? Here’s what over 2,000 voters had to say:

Days of our Lives Polling: Give Me the Loving

It wasn’t even close as 74% of you picked romantic Xander. The one who would do anything to make Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) happy. The one that can’t stop declaring his love, or making big gestures, or donning a kilt for the wedding he can’t wait for. Romantics like that don’t come around every day, and you hope his recent broken heart won’t turn him off relationships forever!

Make ‘Em Laugh

It’s not that 18% of the audience wants to make Xander unhappy, per se, but, the fact is, he is just so funny when he’s drunk, down, and out. Things can get pretty drunk in Salem. Xander knows that as well as anyone. So it’s nice to have a giggle once in a while. Even if it’s at his expense.

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Plot Driven

Xander either giddy with love or bitter over it going wrong doesn’t excite 5% of the fans. Do you know what does excite them? Xander scheming. Whether it’s driving Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) out of Titan, or trying to get more of the Kiriakis fortune for himself, that’s where black sheep of the family really shines!

Bad Boy

And then there are the 3% who want him to go back to being an out and out villain. He should steal more babies! Only not for love this time, but for spite! He should keep Nicole (Arianne Zucker) hostage – again! She is being very annoying these days. And go ahead and steal everything from Philip and Victor (John Aniston). They deserve it! And so do we. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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