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On Fire: Kate Mansi’s Most Memorable Abigail Moments

Kate Mansi Days of Our LivesKate Mansi Days of Our Lives

During her five-year stint on Days of Our Lives, Kate Mansi had some unforgettable and incredible moments as Abigail.

And she has a Daytime Emmy to show for it, having won the Outstanding Supporting Actress award in 2017. With Mansi heading back to the soap to replace Marci Miller, who’s opted to leave the show, here’s a look back at her most memorable Abigail moments.

Secret Crush
A crush turned into an obsession, when Abigail began working as Austin’s (Patrick Muldoon) assistant at Salem U. When Austin returned to his office drunk one night after learning his wife Carrie (Christie Clark) had betrayed him, Abigail comforted him with a few kisses.

The next morning, she led him to believe they’d had sex. She perpetuated the lie for weeks, before admitting she’d made the whole thing up.

Following failed relationships with Chad and Cameron, Abigail rebounded with EJ (James Scott). On the outs with his fiancé Sami (Alison Sweeney), EJ ended up in bed with Abigail when they found themselves alone together at the Horton cabin.

A short affair ensued, which EJ was desperate to keep from Sami. However, Sami uncovered the truth and shamed both of them by exposing their indiscretion publicly.

Afternoon Delight
Abigail was dating Ben (Robert Scott Wilson), but drawn to Chad (Billy Flynn) when he returned to Salem. After an unexpected kiss, she ran off confused.

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Eventually, Abigail gave into passion when she found Chad alone in the DiMera garden and they had sex on a lounge chair. It led to a night of lovemaking, where they conceived their son, Thomas.

A Killer Kidnapping
When a pregnant Abigail discovered Ben was the Necktie Killer, he took her hostage in a cabin, where she gave birth to a baby boy. Chad turned up to save mother and child, but Ben overpowered him and chained the reunited lovers to a bed.

Then, he set it on fire and took off with the infant. Somehow, Chad managed to free himself and carry Abigail to safety before reuniting her with her baby.

Baby Daddy Miracle
When Thomas took unexpectedly ill, Abigail discovered Chad was her child’s father. She summoned him to the hospital to reveal the happy news, placing the baby boy into his arms.

Chad, who had been brainwashed by Andre to forget his feelings for Abigail, remembered everything and promised he’d always be there for her and their son.

Wedding of the Year
Abigail and Chad exchanged wedding vows at the DiMera mansion. “You’re my hero,” said Abigail. “You are my soulmate, and you’re my best friend, and you’re my true love. I’m so honored to spend the rest of my life with you as my husband, and me as your wife.”

Fire Starter
When Ben broke out of the asylum and confronted Abigail at to the DiMera mansion, she led him upstairs…continue reading on the next page —>

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