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Jennifer and Eve: Can These Two Women Be Friends on Days of Our Lives?

Eve and Jennifer Days of Our LivesEve and Jennifer Days of Our Lives

They’ve been bitter enemies for years, but Jennifer and Eve turned a corner on a recent Days of Our Lives episode, which begs the question: Can these two women be friends?

After walking out on her wedding to Brady (Eric Martsolf) and chastising him for playing her so he could get his hands on her shares of Titan, a brokenhearted Eve (Kassie DePaiva) sought solace at the pub, where she ran smack into Jennifer (Melissa Reeves).

Instead of walking right passed her, Jen immediately sensed something was wrong and offered to listen to whatever was troubling her longtime nemesis.

A Whole New Light?
What followed was a candid conversation, where Eve spilled her heart and every agonizing detail about being used by Brady, a man she’d come to truly love. At the end of her twisted story, Eve expected Jennifer to respond with a, “Told you so.”

But, Jennifer surprised her by saying how sorry she was–and truly meant it. Then, she added that Brady had no right to play with her heart.

Eve was a combination of touched, thankful–and taken aback. She would never have expected such compassion from Jennifer. Yet, that’s what she got right at a moment she truly needed it.

One Step Further
Jennifer took things a step further, when she offered some more friendly words to the devastated Eve. She wondered if, perhaps, Brady truly does love Eve…that what started out as a calculated scheme turned into real genuine feelings.

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Here was Jennifer offering Eve another perspective on things when she was feeling down and out and completely crushed. Jennifer left Eve with something to think about. Maybe Brady wasn’t the total cad she thought he was.

And maybe Jennifer, the woman she’d spent decades loathing, was actually the good kind person everyone else in Salem knows her to be.

Let BygonesBe Bygones
Sure, Eve sabotaged Jennifer’s high school romance with Frankie, sued her for her share of profits on Jack’s book, and had an affair with Jen’s teenage son, JJ (Casey Moss). But that’s all in the past, right?

Jennifer started seeing Eve in a whole new light after Eve’s only child, Paige (True O’Brien) was murdered by The Necktie Killer. As a mother, Jennifer could sympathize with her unspeakable pain and loss.

Now, as a woman, Jennifer could relate to Eve’s heartbreak. Eve has no real friends in Salem, and if anyone can turn the other cheek and let bygones be bygones, it’s Jennifer. Perhaps these two enemies have turned a corner that no one ever saw coming.

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