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Something You Ate? Why Is John Poisoning Steve On Days of Our Lives (DOOL)?

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Steve has been having trouble with his vision on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL).

Steve (Stephan Nichols) thinks it’s because he drank too much the other night, thanks to John (Drake Hogysten).

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) thinks he’s old and needs glasses. Hey, she did her doctorly due diligence and checked to see that he didn’t have an ear infection or other health issues. That just leaves old.

But did she check for poison? (In Salem, that should be part of a standard medical panel.) Because viewers know that’s what’s causing his issues. John is poisoning Steve. The big question is: Why? Over 10,000 of you took your best guess:

Well, If That’s the Case….
It has to be a case, 47% of you speculate. Maybe the drug is supposed to help Steve remember something that will help John.

Or maybe it’s supposed to help him forget. Maybe John just needs Steve out of the way. But, whatever the reason, John is still on the side of the good guys. And so is Steve.

John has reverted back to his DiMera programming, panic 36% of the audience! He’s bad to the bone, again, and he has orders to get rid of Steve for good! Maybe the goal is to make his vision so bad that he stumbles into traffic and gets hit by a bus.

The man is already down one eye. All John has to do is take out the other one, and they’re home free.

We’re Open For Suggestions
It could be anything, sigh a stumped 10%. Maybe John is good, maybe John is bad. Maybe he is acting on someone else’s orders, maybe he’s working alone. Or maybe it’s something so out of left field. Viewers can’t even begin to guess.

Nuts Is the Word
John has lost his mind, give up 5% of you. After everything that’s been done to it over the past almost 40 years, if anyone deserves to go postal, it’s him.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: Julie S

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