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Hope And Rafe: PLEASE Make It STOP!!!

Kristen Alfonso and Galen Gering on Days of our LivesKristen Alfonso and Galen Gering on Days of our Lives

OK, Days of Our Lives, we cry uncle. We tried and tried to like Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Rafe (Galen Gering) together, but ya know what, it just doesn’t work. Nothing about this works.

We wish Hope were still in jail, and Rafe were prancing around Prague just to make sure they don’t have anymore love scenes. Heck, Hope had more chemistry with nephew Eric than she does with Rafe.

Everything about them has felt forced from the beginning. They seemed to have this great friendship, but it never made sense that Rafe suddenly realized he’d crossed out of the friend zone and into the love zone.

He pined after this woman for months and the fact that she could go from two husbands dying over the course of 24 hours to Rafe during the same half year period just destroyed whoever Hope was.

It was bad enough she never thought it was suspicious that Bo (Peter Reckell) wouldn’t even respond to her divorce request so she could leap into Aiden’s (Daniel Cosgrove) arms. Then, Bo died in her arms a day after returning to her and she barely had a mourning period till Rafe made his move.

Today’s scenes in the bubble bath almost felt like a slap in the face to longtime Bo and Hope fans who remember that couple’s romantic time at the Oak Alley Plantation in New Orleans decades ago. It was when Bo and Hope first made love and one of the more memorable scenes from DAYS’ supercouple heyday of the 1980s.

Yes, we know that Peter Reckell just wants to be a dad and leave his soap career behind, but Bo is truly the only man for Hope and we wish DAYS had the budget to offer him just about anything to return.

Alas, we know we can’t have that now, but do we HAVE to have Hope with Rafe? Their “romance” began when Dena Higley’s scripts began airing in 2015. Is it too much to ask that this whole thing gets shut down when Ron Carlivati’s work begins airing later this year?

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