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Good To Be Bad: Your Favorite Days Of Our Lives Villain Revealed

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On Days Of Our Lives, when the citizens of Salem are good, they’re good. But when they’re bad, they’re better. With Stefano out of town (dead?) — presumably for good — there is a large villain gap to be filled. Who is your current favorite bad boy or girl? What almost 4,000 fans said about it:

X Marks the Spot
Majority rules, and it goes to Xander (Paul Tefler), with 54% of the vote. He lies, he schemes, he blackmails, he kidnaps, he kills…and he looks so, so good doing it.

One minute he’s scheming with “Nicole” (Arianne Zucker), and the next he’s being truly sympathetic to Maggie (Suzanne Rogers)…while crushing on her daughter, Sarah (Linsay Godfrey). What else do you need from a villain?

Not All There Claire
She may look like an innocent anime character, but Claire’s (Olivia Rose Keegan) hobby is setting on fire those who displease her, while happily framing others for her crimes.

That’s enough for 26% of you to name her your fave! And even if she is on her way out, this is Salem…even the dead don’t stay dead. And the jailed even less so. And in Bayview, well, they let serial killers out as long as they’re cured.

Kristen Day
A smaller 11% opted for Kristen (Stacey Haiduk), but that may be because she’s only on half the time. The rest of it, she’s sniveling, whining, desperate Nicole.

But when Kristen takes over, she’s confident, competent, and very, very nuts. Will she be able to snag Brady (Eric Martsolf)? Not as Nicole, that’s for sure! Show him your real self, Kristen. It’s the one the fans are loving!

New Eve
Last place, at only 7% is Eve (Kassie DePaiva). Maybe it’s because she doesn’t enjoy her villainy the way the rest of them do. Sure, needling Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) is fun, but viewers can see it’s coming from Eve’s desperation to hang onto Jack (Matthew Ashford). And part of us can understand wanting to make your daughter’s killer pay.

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