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Why Eve’s Vial-ent Action May Help Days of Our Lives

Jack, Jennifer, Eve Days of Our LivesJack, Jennifer, Eve Days of Our Lives

It’s been agony for Days of Our Lives  Jack and Jennifer fans, as Eve’s shenanigans have kept this supercouple from reuniting since New Year’s Eve. And now, her latest dastardly deed could possibly be her worst offense yet — or is it?

There’s no doubt smashing the vials that could have gotten Jack (Matthew Ashford) his memory back was possibly her worst move yet in trying to keep Jack and her nemesis Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) apart. (Well, besides using people’s prejudices to win an election.)

We can’t even begin to imagine in what world Eve (Kassie DePaiva) thought doing that would keep Jack with her.

Did she really think if he wanted to use the serum, he would instantly forgive her for smashing them, even if he had been sincere in his claim to love her?

It seemed particularly heartless, considering memories are the only thing she has left of her daughter — how could she deny a man she supposedly loves his own memories?

Sure, she said he can make new ones because his kids are still alive but some part of her must have known that was incredibly unfair — and she just didn’t care. So why should Jack and Jenn’s fans be okay with this recent development and how could it help the show?

That’s easy — because if Jack had gotten his memory back, he and Jennifer could have instantly reunited and then…what? Where’s the romance in that? Where’s the fun? No, these two need to start from scratch but Jack had to want to at least try — and as long as he felt obligated to be with Eve, that couldn’t happen.

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