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What If…It Was All a Dream..And Sonny Finds Will In The Shower on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)?

Chandler Massey on Days of our LivesChandler Massey on Days of our Lives

If you’ve been around long enough like this writer, you’ll never forget that moment in the 1980s when Patrick Duffy returned to Dallas after Bobby Ewing was killed in a hit and run.

For an entire year, characters mourned Bobby’s passing, but the next season, Pam woke up to find Bobby in the shower and no time had passed at all. In fact, it was all one, long, detailed, monstrous dream.

Imagine if that same thing happens on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) after a full two years of insane and inane story after another, that started with what many consider the soap’s biggest mistake–killing legacy character Will Horton.

Now that we know Chandler Massey is returning to DAYS and the role he made famous later this year, we just see Sonny waking up one morning and finding Will casually showering, preparing for his day.

Sonny (Freddie Smith) might be in shock, but the rest of Salem won’t be because nobody knows that Sonny just had one heck of a nightmare.

Of course, that would mean Abigail is still pregnant, Batty Ben is still killing people (or maybe not even batty yet), John never learned his father was a man named Yo Ling, Eric never killed Daniel and spent nearly a year in jail, Brady never got Daniel’s heart and let that heart die in a shooting, Sami never stole the DiMera money, Stefano is still alive somewhere (is he?), Deimos never arrived in town–and OMG–Bo is not dead after all.

That would wipe the entire DAYS slate clean for a do-over for head writer Ron Carlivati and no matter how tempting it sounds, we doubt it would happen. However, never forget that the characters on Dallas’ spin-off, Knot’s Landing, also mourned Bobby.

In fact, Valene even named one of her twins after her dead brother-in-law. Nobody ever acknowledged anything that happened on Dallas on Knots, so maybe Will can just be alive, nobody ever thought he was dead, and the rest of it all happened anyway (shudder).

What do you think, DAYS fans? Should we chalk it all up to a dream, or was the Will who returned from visiting Sami in California not really Will at all?

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