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Who Deserves to Be in Prison More Than Hope?

Kristian Alfonso on Days of our LivesKristian Alfonso on Days of our Lives

Hope appears to be headed to prison for killing Stefano, but there are plenty of others in town who deserve to do time in the slammer.

Many have committed a litany of crimes and have gone unpunished for all of them. The late Stefano was at the top of the list, evading prison time after time no matter what heinous act he was responsible for.

Soap Hub asked fans to weigh in on three other questionable Salemites — Kate, Deimos and Victor – to get your thoughts on which of them deserves to be in prison more than Hope (Kristian Alfonso). You’ll be surprised to see who came out on top.

Killer Kate
She’s been on good behavior of late, but 61% of you haven’t forgotten Kate’s (Lauren Koslow) rap sheet and believe she deserves to be behind bars.

Over the years she tried to kill Victor, Chloe and Nick, set Sami up for Franco’s murder, had Tate kidnapped, and committed corporate espionage –- among other things. Yet, she’s always gotten off scot-free

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Dastardly Deimos
Although he spent most of his life in the slammer wrongly convicted of murder, 33% of you believe Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) should still be there.

You’ll never forgive him for kidnapping Bo and ultimately causing his death. Not will you forget that he poisoned Maggie, inadvertently causing her fall and paralysis. His crimes have been unforgivable and he deserves to be punished for them.

Villainous Victor
Some 7% of you think Victor (John Aniston) should spend time in the big house over Hope. He’s mellowed with age and Maggie’s love, but he was lethal back in the day.

He’s committed blackmail and arranged kidnappings. Heck, he once even tried to kill his own son, Bo. If that doesn’t warrant a jail term, nothing does.

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