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Days of Our Lives Wild Speculation: Is Stefan Driving Abby Crazy?!

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This could be a really OUT THERE theory, but there is obviously more to Stefan on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) than meets the eye!

That is why thinking he’s obsessed with Abigail (Marci Miller) even though she acts like she can barely stand him seems too simple on the surface. Stefan (Tyler Christopher) is a handsome, complicated man. He could have any woman he wants, right? But he’s zeroed in on Abby, and it just seems a little… convenient.

Frankly, when he told his mother Vivian (Louise Sorel) that he didn’t want Abby, it didn’t seem like a big lie. We’re not saying he wouldn’t bed her given the chance. But his researching her and learning about her mental issues seemed like a pretty big clue. Could he be setting her up to take a huge fall?

While we don’t think he was contemplating Andre’s (Thaao Penghlis) death when he hatched this plan — and let’s face it — this is a plan, he has been learning exactly how to push her buttons like a pro and finessing it each time he tries. He knows her weak spots, like Gabi’s (Camila Banus) past with Chad (Billy Flynn).

He’s almost delighting in driving her to the edge. Now Abby is much stronger than she was and it will take a lot more than it did before, but she has lost someone she thought was her rock — Andre. He’s now working on taking away her best friend Gabi too. He wants to take away her support system so that she’s left to her own devices.

But to what end? Is this all about getting rid of Chad as his big competitor in the family business? Chad relies heavily on Abby’s support — with her off the deep end and him a worried wreck, the path would be clear for Stefan to do whatever he wants with DiMera.

While we don’t think Stefan started out as a killer, his mother has certainly paved the way for him to consider it. Could he also be the one who sent Anna (Leann Hunley) the note to prod her to kill Andre? It looks like Stefan O. DiMera is doing his best to live up to his namesake.

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