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Days of Our Lives Wayback: Remember Caroline Brady

Days of Our Lives Caroline BradyDays of Our Lives Caroline Brady

There are plenty of parents in the annals of soap opera history who possess a “do as I say, not as I do” mentality and Caroline Brady, one of Days of Our Lives most beloved characters, is a perfect example.

Family Is What You Make Of It
Caroline was the loving wife of Shawn Brady and the mother of four children: Roman, Kimberly, Kayla, and Bo. Despite the occasional battle or accusation of interference, Caroline was fiercely protective of her brood whom she loved more than life itself – she even falsely confessed to offing Marina Toscano when it appeared Kayla would be imprisoned for the crime.

But Caroline’s unconditional love was not limited to her biological offspring. She and Shawn welcomed two abandoned teenagers – Francois “Frankie” Von Leuschner and Maxwell “Max” Robbins – into their family and adopted them without hesitation.

And when John Black was revealed to not be a plastic surgery altered Roman – as had been assumed for nearly a decade – Caroline assured John that, in her heart, he was still another one of her sons.

Sins of the Mother
In 1985, swarthy Greek tycoon – and mafia don – Victor Kiriakis arrived in Salem, and it became abundantly clear that he shared a past with Caroline. It eventually transpired that the two had engaged in a passionate affair, but Caroline was determined that the truth about their dalliance would never be revealed.

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When he became certain that Caroline would never leave Shawn, Victor turned to Caroline’s daughter Kimberly for comfort and set about destroying the elder Brady’s only source of income – the Brady Fishmarket – by setting up a competing business.

Whatever affection that might have lingered between the lovers soured, and Caroline did everything in her power to extricate the villain from her family’s life. When Bo caught the two of them in a particularly violent confrontation, he wrestled a gun from Victor’s bodyguard and trained it on his mother’s “attacker.” But he was stopped from pulling the trigger when Caroline shouted, “Don’t shoot him, Bo, he’s your father!”

Besting the Grim Reaper
While it was said by many that Caroline had a heart of gold, her ticker nearly gave out when her granddaughter, Sami, announced she was pregnant with a child belonging to her half-sister’s intended.

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