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Days of our Lives Spoilers Weekly Update for June 5-9

Days of our Lives spoilersDays of our Lives spoilers

Days of our Lives spoilers (DAYS) for June 5-9 promise a week of quandaries, scandals, and acts of rebellion. We saw some big changes this week, and the stage has been set for quite the catastrophe.

Eric and Nicole made their way back to Salem, and after a heartfelt plea to Brady, Nicole was taken into custody. Brady himself seemed to suddenly recover, though the situation around him didn’t get any easier.

Another set of circumstances grew even more tense, when the castaways discovered the hostile nature of the island… but not everything is as it seems. Here are the spoilers!

The disturbing truth about the island is discovered by JJ and Lani, who debate what to do with the information. It leads to a sense of panic amongst the castaways, especially when Eli disappears. Back in Salem, John receives a summons to return to his mission, and he prepares to bid Marlena goodbye.

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