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Welcome to Soap Hub’s “Days of Our Lives Recaps” (DOOL). On Thursday, March 3, Steve (Stephen Nichols) struggled to get off the hook for allegedly murdering Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun), while still keeping Joey’s guilt a secret.

The Johnsons are in quite a rough patch. Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) was already stung by her husband’s lies and coerced infidelity. Learning Joey (James Lastovic) killed Ava nearly killed her. During their scenes together, especially those at the Salem PD, the pain between Patch and his Sweetness was palpable.

Poor Steve had guilt and regret oozing out of his pores. Evans managed to convey every bit of fear, tension, anger, and sorrow swirling around in Kayla’s head. It was obvious just from looking at her that her mama bear instincts are now driving the bus.

Steve was released on bail, despite the A.D.A.’s request to remand him into custody. Justin (Wally Kurth) revealed the A.D.A. was following his orders, which did not go over well with Kayla, Steve, or Belle (Martha Madison). Justin insisted he has to remain impartial, even though Steve is family. Yes, Steve scoffed at that. Too bad Adrienne (Judi Evans) wasn’t there to kick her ex in the shins.

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Back home, Steve and Kayla tried to convince Joey (James Lastovic) that there is a good chance of acquittal. Even with the rift between them, this supercouple is firmly united to do whatever it takes to protect their boy. Later, Steve searched Ava’s room for her diary, hoping it would shore up his self-defense claims. Instead he found a key and declared it, “A start.”

Speaking in his office later, Justin told Belle to convince Steve to cop a plea. Sami Brady’s little sister isn’t going to be strong-armed by anyone, not even this good looking Greek. Sneering as she walked out, Belle said, “See you in court.”

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This storyline has us steaming, despite the strong performances. But, what are “Days of our Lives Recaps” without a little ranting? As Steve said to Joe, they just have to pull together and find a way out of this mess. “Mess” is an understatement, but they probably can’t get more graphic on daytime. Nichols, Evans, and Lastovic are spinning gold out of manure-coated straw, mucked out of the Kiriakis stables.

"Days of Our Lives Recaps" James Lastovic, Mary Beth Evans
“Days of our Lives Recaps”: James Lastovic, Mary Beth Evans: Joey makes a stunning confession to Kayla. ©

It was bad enough that Hope (Kristian Alfonso) killed Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) when her life was not in imminent danger. She has amassed decades of audience good will, and Stefano surely needed killing. As evidence, we offer yesterday’s Irish wake at the Brady Pub.

It is different where Joey is concerned. This SORAS version of the character is brand spanking new. Sure, he was drunk. Yes, Ava manipulated him, kidnapped his mother, and blackmailed his father into bed. Still, making him a murderer right off the bat seems a horrible way to develop the next generation of Salemites.

Don’t get us started on Chase (Jonathon McClendon) raping Ciara (Vivian Jovanni). Much like young Master Jennings himself, if we start, we will not stop.

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