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Days of Our Lives Recap: The End Of Hope….Plus Allie’s Dilemma

Days of Our Lives Recap October 16 2020Days of Our Lives Recap October 16 2020

The Days of Our Lives recap for October 12-16, 2020, features Kristen preparing to face the music, Tripp refusing to do the same, Hope facing Ciara’s death, and so much more!

Days of Our Lives Recap Highlights

Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) really needs to work on her timing. At almost the exact moment that she burst into the police station and confessed to stabbing Victor (John Aniston), Melinda (Tina Huang) was softening her stance on the woman’s predicament. Now, Kristen stands poised to face a judge who will decide exactly what punishment best fits her crime.

Goodbye Hope

And poor Hope got the evidence she didn’t want that made it appear as if Ciara is indeed dead. And that was Kristian’s Alfonso’s last day as the character she’s been playing for 37 years.

DAYS Musings

Allie (Lindsay Arnold) continued to insist that Tripp (Lucas Adams) raped her. He maintained that they didn’t even sleep together. And John (Drake Hogestyn) told Tripp’s face to hold his fist.

But just when it seemed like Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) had come up with a perfect solution to the problem, Tripp refused to go along with her proposed DNA test. Because that’s something an innocent man would do…right? Never mind, Steve (Stephen Nichols) was on hand to supersede Tripp’s decision and it was he who provided his son’s sample.

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And while we’re on this very delicate subject…with so much mention being made of Kayla’s past rape at the hands of Jack (Matthew Ashford), why is no one mentioning the fact that both Allie’s mother AND grandmother were victims of rape? Sami (Alison Sweeny) fell victim to a rapist on a spree and Marlena (Deidre Hall) was raped by Kellam Chandler, a career politician.

And is it possible that Nicole (Arianne Zucker) is letting her own childhood assault at the hands of her father, Paul (who, coincidentally, also raped and impregnated Jan Spears), cloud her judgment where Allie’s situation is concerned? After all, it was Nicole who practically browbeat the young woman into saying that she had been sexually assaulted on the night that Henry Lucas was conceived.

Another week gone and we’re still no closer to learning the root cause of Gwen’s (Emily O’Brien) hatred towards Abby (Marci Miller). The favored reason? She’s actually Jack’s biological daughter, conceived during one of his MANY escapes from the responsibilities necessary for raising a family.

Speaking of the jury still being out, we still haven’t uncovered the identity of Philip’s (Jay Kenneth Johnson) secret benefactor. What he has ascertained is his reason for wanting control of Titan: to launder very dirty money. Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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