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Days of Our Lives Recap: Shocking Truths And Mystery Memories

Days of Our Lives RecapDays of Our Lives Recap

The Days of Our Lives Recap for February 17-21, 2020, features a disrupted wedding, long ago memories shared thanks to Doug, an identity revealed, a close call ended with violence and more.

Days of Our Lives Recap Highlights

“What’s a Salem wedding without a little drama,” Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) playfully teased. But the Gabi DiMera (Camila Banus) and Eli Grant (Lamon Archey) nuptials packed a little more dramatic punch than most.

First, you had Lani (Sal Stowers) playing the part of interrupting nun. Then she shimmied out of her habit to show off her…um…little black dress we guess. And then, since she was free of her holy vestments, she decided to tell the truth and shame the devil.

Throw in Gabi’s public confession to pacemaker tampering, her attempted murder of Julie and subsequent arrest by Rafe (Galen Gering), and you have an event that attendees wouldn’t likely forget.

Doug Williams: Horton History Lesson

Though it’s hard for Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) to, “Imagine my dad being hauled off to prison,” that’s exactly the fate that befell the late Bill Horton way back in 1970. The charge? Involuntary manslaughter — the result of his arguing with a weak-hearted Kitty Horton over an audio recording that revealed Mike Horton’s true parentage.

And as for Brent Douglas — or as he’s better known now, Doug Williams (Bill Hayes) — the Susan Martin he talked about trying to woo came into her vast inheritance after murdering her husband David Martin, a former beau of Julie’s (and the father of her son, David Jr).

And speaking of Julie, Doug didn’t so much meet and set his sights on her as he did take Susan up on her offer to break up Julie and her husband, Scotty Banning, in exchange for a hefty payday.

Days of Our Lives Recap Musings

Doug: “You know? It seems like the family used to get together for weddings. And more and more now, it seems like they get together for funerals.” In fact, it’s the ONLY time poor Marie Horton gets any screen time. First, Tom, then Mickey, then Alice…”

Gabi: “No one means to. Oh, no one means to. Not trigger happy Lani or Saint Abigail with her merry band of alters. No. They wreck my life, and it’s never their fault.” Fair point well made Gabi, and not one word of it a lie. And you were classy enough to not throw in the fact that Lani jumped Eli’s bone’s while you two were still dating.

Kayla: “You sound like a crazy person. Actually, you sound like Stefano DiMera.” SteVano: “That’s because I am Stefano DiMera. I am Stefano DiMera.” Now, we get that it’s a lot to process Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). But what’s harder to swallow. That trippy revelation, or this one…

“Your Steve was on his way home to you when my people intercepted him” Actually it was probably this one: “Your Steve Jonson is dead and gone.”

Victor: “Just because my granddaughter took pity on a convicted murderer doesn’t mean that she’s ruthless enough or stupid enough to try and break him out of prison.” And you’re sorta right Victor (John Aniston).

Ciara (Victoria Konefal) didn’t engage in the actual prison break but she DID help Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) flee the scene, find him temporary shelter, and knock Rafe upside the head with a baseball bat in order to give her lover ample time to flee. That goes down as pretty ruthless in our books. As for stupid…

Hattie: “I’m…a realist and I’m not gonna just keep chasing after you when you have no real interest in me at all.” Roman: “Hattie, that’s not necessarily true.” Okay, show of hands. Whose rooting for this coupling? And if they did get romantic, what squish name should we bestow? Hamon? Rattie? Mantie?

Sarah: “I have the most incredible news. I just – I got a call from the hospital lab, and they – they have a match. They have a bone marrow match for my daughter.”

That is incredible news Sarah (Linsey Godfrey). It’s just too bad you and Eric (Greg Vaughan) are about to be put through the wringer by that potential donor. Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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