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Days of Our Lives Recap: Seriously Mistaken Identities

Days of Our Lives RecapDays of Our Lives Recap

The Days of Our Lives recap for December 16-20, 2019 features everyone worried about a back-from-the-dead Stefano and raised a ton of questions that only the fans can answer.

Days of Our Lives Recap Highlights

The specter of Stefano DiMera loomed large over Salem this week as Rafe (Galen Gering) became convinced that the Phoenix has indeed risen from the ashes once again and set his sights on Marlena (Deidre Hall).

This opinion seemed bolstered by the warning that psychic de-jour Celeste Perrault gave son-in-law Abe (James Reynolds) — Stefano hasn’t returned to town, and yet, he has! “I think Celeste got her signals crossed from the great beyond,” John (Drake Hogestyn) joked. But, as always, Celeste was right on the money.

Stefano’s body isn’t in Salem. But his very essence is currently occupying the personage of Steve “Patch” Johnson (Stephen Nichols). A fact that still disturbs partner-in-crime Kate (Lauren Koslow).

But she had to get up close and personal to her former hubby’s new vessel thanks to Rafe uncovering the secret warehouse that had been Stefano and Princess Gina’s hideaway.

Never Doubt Marlena

Speaking of Princess Gina, Her Royal Highness is currently looking for some new digs since John kindly but firmly kicked her out of the home they had been sharing for nearly a year. The fact that the final eviction notice came right on the heels of him rejected her romantic overtures stung PG all the more.

When John told Marlena about the exchange she handled it with aplomb. “Wow, I’m good huh?” Most defiantly, Marlena. Now if you’re smart you’ll return that perfectly wrapped present you were going to give your scheming housemate.

DAYS Musings

With poor Rolf (William Utay) “taking one for the team” how much damage do you think an exonerated Eve (Kassie DePaiva) will wreak before bidding Salem adieu?

“I can barely remember a time before I loved Will.” Really Sonny (Freddie Smith)? His name was Paul (Christopher Sean) and the two of you were engaged to be married. In fact, he considered you to be the love of his life.

Much thanks to Grandma blue streak for not only dubbing Evan (Brock Kelly) a “nanny come lately” but reminding Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) about her disastrous — though barley-remembered love affair — with Shane Donovan. And you’re right. Kayla does have a thing for going after other women’s leftovers.

Speaking of Kate, Princess Gina is about to learn the hard way not to mess with her. “You just bitch-slapped the wrong bitch!”

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did SteVano resemble a 1970s era Truman Capote with his makeshift disguise that …continue reading on the next page —>

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