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Days of Our Lives Poll: Who Really Fathered Kristen’s Baby?

Brady, Kristen, Rolf Days of Our LivesBrady, Kristen, Rolf Days of Our Lives

Kristen enjoys stealing babies on Days Of Our Lives. By our count, there’s EJ (James Scott), who she tried to pass off as John’s (Drake Hogysten), Tate, who she ripped right out of Teresa’s (Jen Lilley) womb, and the fetus she was planning to snatch from Sarah (Linsey Godfrey).

But then Dr. Rolf (Will Utay) spring a surprise on the crazy kidnapper — she was pregnant with a baby of her own! Kristen (Stacy Haiduck) was delighted, and couldn’t wait to tell papa to be Brady (Eric Martsolf). Brady hemmed and hawed and raged and rambled… then moved Kristen in with him and trotted off to prenatal appointments. But is Brady really the daddy? Here’s what over 7,000 of you think:

Days of Our Lives Poll Results: Dr. Strange

It’s got to be Rolf, 70% of you feel certain. And you’re not even saying sex was involved. Dr. Rolf knows how to bring people back from the dead — do we really think an immaculate conception is beyond him?

He knew how much Kristen wanted a child. And Rolf loves a challenge. He’s been giving her all sorts of “fertility treatments.” How hard would it be for Rolf to donate a little extra something to make a Franken-baby?

What do you think? Post a comment!

Drama Mama

Brady being the daddy has much more dramatic potential, 30% of Days of Our Lives fans counter. Having it be Rolf would be a cop-out. You want to watch Brady and Kristen try to co-parent, her scheming to make him fall in love with her, him pretending very, very hard that he still isn’t.

Sure, Rolf would be good for a quick “gotcha,” but where do we go from there? A baby who is part related to both Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) and Victor (John Aniston) will put “Ciara of the Corn” to shame. You can’t wait for his/her first day of school!

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