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Days of our Lives Poll Results: Should Rolf Turn Kayla Into Marlena?

Marlena and Kayla Days of Our LivesMarlena and Kayla Days of Our Lives

A bird in the hand should be worth more than two in the bush on Days of our Lives. For a while, SteVano (Stephen Nichols) was holding Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) hostage, plotting to trade her for Marlena (Deidre Hall), expecting Justin (Wally Kurth) to facilitate.

Days of our Lives Polling

Kayla fought back, and Justin looked to John (Drake Hogysten) to help protect both women. But, SteVano considered pulling a switch-a-roo-o?

What if instead of trading Kayla’s body for Marlena’s, he traded their minds, instead? Rolf (Will Utay) succeeded in transferring Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo) “essence” into Steve. Could he do the same with Marlena and Kayla? Would you want him to? What we heard from over 17000 viewers!

Where Fun Goes To Die

That would be a very, very bad idea, a landslide 90% of the audience is fuming. Steve stomping around, giving orders, obsessing over his “Queen of the Night” and seeing everything clearly is bad enough. Turning Kayla into the object of his obsession might reunite Nichols and Evans. But not in any way that the fans can stomach.

Honestly, wouldn’t it make more sense to pop Marlena’s thoughts and feelings into Hattie? That way, SteVano could at least get someone who looks like Marlena? Hmmm…

Go For It, Rolf

Only 10% of Days of our Lives fans are intrigued… and not just because of the Evans and Nichols chemistry. It would certainly be something different. It would mix things up a bit, reshuffle the familiar pieces. Yeah, you can see it…

John would freak out. Justin would freak out. Steve and Kayla’s kids would definitely freak out. (Good thing Stephanie is… somewhere, Joey is in jail, and Tripp has been erased from the timeline… or something.) But who knows, SteVano and Kaylena could be DAYS’ new super-couple. It could be the soap opera recasting of the future! Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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