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Days Of Our Lives Poll Results: Does JJ Need a New Love Interest?

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Even though it might not feel that way to us, it’s been nearly a year since Haley died on Days Of Our Lives. Feels like it’s been much less time. Like… uh… this week.

JJ (Casey Moss), however, has been mourning Haley for that year — and drugging it up. Is it enough with the moping, time to get it together, find a good woman now for JJ? What almost 8,000 fans are looking forward to seeing:

Like a Dog With a Bore

Mopey JJ is a boring JJ, 72% of you have decreed. Trying to kill Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) was fun for a while, but he failed, and he doesn’t seem motivated to try, try again. So if he isn’t going to be an avenging angel, he might as well get over the whole thing and move on.

You’re no one on a soap if you aren’t in love, so JJ better get it together. We realize it’s hard since, as a Deveraux (Johnson) and a Horton he is related to pretty much everyone on the canvas, but, come on, JJ, this isn’t murder, you can half-ass this.

But when it comes to love, we are expecting you to try, try again — until you get it right. (Look how long it took your parents to get together. The first time. And the second. And…)

JJ: Good Grief

Only 28% are willing to let JJ continue moping. And claim they are willing to watch him do it. You believe he needs time to grieve, and that it’s actually nice to see someone on a soap miss their lost love, instead of quickly moving on. JJ has always been sensitive, and he can’t be rushed through this. Besides, he has terrible taste in women, so the longer he stays single, the better.

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