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Days of our Lives Poll Results: Does Evan/Christian Belong In David’s Life?

Days of our Lives Evan Ciara RafeDays of our Lives Evan Ciara Rafe

It was a pretty big surprise to the folks of Days of our Lives when Evan, David’s nanny and Sonny’s rebound after the divorce from Will, was revealed to be David’s father… and Jordan’s killer.

Days of our Lives Polling

His reason was that Jordan (Chrishell Stause) didn’t want him to be David’s father. She preferred Rafe (Galen Gering), thank you. (Not how that works, Jordan. Not how that works.) So Christian (Brock Kelly) changed his name to Evan and got a job as David’s manny – while also romancing Sonny (Freddie Smith) on the side.

He was perfectly content to let Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) die for his crime because, well, Ben wasn’t Evan/Christian, was he? Does this level of villain deserve a place in his son’s life? What over 5,000 viewers said:

Never Again

Heck, no, 92% of you are foaming at the mouth. Evan should never be allowed near David again. The poor little guy already has two biological strikes against him – Jordan and Evan as parents (and Ben as an uncle). There is not a lot of mental stability in that gene pool.

But now let’s talk nurture. Jordan and Ben were raised by Clyde (James Read). He was Ben’s bio dad and Jordan’s stepdad. And neither one turned out well. David deserves to at least have a stable adoptive dad. Leave him with Rafe. Not because it’s what Jordan wanted, but because it makes sense.

For David — Family Matters

Only 8% of the audience is open to letting Evan spend a little time with David – from a jail cell, of course. Kids need to know where they come from, it’s better than making up even worse stories.

Rafe will explain Jordan and Evan slowly and gently to David when he’s old enough to understand. In the meantime, Evan can put on his nanny persona for visits. Not the killing one. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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