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Days Of Our Lives Poll: Are You Happy Jack Recalls All?

Jack and Jennifer Days of Our LivesJack and Jennifer Days of Our Lives

It was a big moment on Days Of Our Lives when Jack finally got his memory back while rescuing Jennifer — complete with actual video clips of their greatest moments, from being stranded in caves to weddings and kids to Melissa Reeves when she was still known as Melissa Brennan.

So now Jack (Matthew Ashford) recalls all. He’s kicked Eve (Kassie DePaiva) to the curb and is making goo-goo eyes at Jennifer again. But are fans happy about this development? What almost 5,000 voted:

Days of Our Lives Poll Results

Are you kidding? We’re ecstatic, 96% of the audience is popping champagne corks. This is all we’ve wanted ever since Jack came back from the dead — again. We’ve wanted him to look at Jen like she’s the most important woman in the world. We’ve wanted him to reconnect with his kids – and his grandkids. Now this story can REALLY get going.

Who cares if Jack is mayor? All you care about is that he is back with the love of his life. He can support her through Julie’s (Susan Seaforth Hayes) inevitable heart transplant and miraculous recovery. And then they can get back to wacky, snarky, heartfelt romantic moments Jack and Jen fans know, love, and have sorely missed!


Oh, God, not again, a tiny 4% of Days of Our Lives fans groan. How many times can these two break up and makeup and wax poetic about their One True Pairing Love For the Ages?

At least when Jack had amnesia, he was a new — and more interesting – man. We saw a cold, ruthless side to him with Eve – and we liked it. Jack once had edges, before Jen domesticated him into her lapdog.

You were hoping to see more of that Jack. Now it’s just going to be more of the same old/same old. Who needs it? Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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