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Days of our Lives News: Deidre Hall Talks Set Return With Freddie Smith

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As many Days of our Lives fans know, Freddie Smith (Sonny) has a podcast that he does with his fiancée Alyssa Talbot. They often speak to the actor’s co-stars, usually after said costars find out about the project and express an interest in it. So when legendary performer Deidre Hall complimented Smith on one of his videos, he took a chance.

Deidre Hall Guests On Podcast

According to Smith, when he extended an invitation to join the pair on their podcast, Hall responded by saying that she’d do anything for him! The couple was thrilled to have someone of her stature, talent, and kindness on their show. They had a virtual get-together, and the first thing that Smith did was thank Hall for the beautiful email that she sent him after his departure from DAYS.

“I was very upset when you and Chandler [Massey; Will] left the show or were invited to leave, however, we put that in delicate terms,” Hall began. “I thought that was such a serious mistake. I thought you added such a wealth of depth… It’s such an impossible thing to do, what you stepped in to do. You did it with absolute conviction.”

Deidre Hall was speaking to the fact that while Smith is himself straight, he had to play his love for another man, and he impressed her with how devoted he was to offering his performance with such emotion and professionalism. Smith responded by saying that he learned so much from her, which she appreciated. Hall then requested that everyone listening write about how they want them back.

When Smith asked about the soap opera’s September 1 return, Hall said that the day is more of a dry run, and that she’s really back on September 2. Smith wanted to know more about the procedures, so Hall went into some additional detail about how things will be different from here on.

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“They’re being so careful about it, as we would expect and are glad to see. We will call in and be met at our car with someone with a thermometer, and then you’ll go straight to your dressing room and everything will happen in short spurts from there. Very few people in the makeup room at the same time, and clearly spaced out.

“On stage, there will be very few people, except the essential workers (as we’re so fond of saying now). The [control] booth, I think there will be some dividers, and hand sanitizer […] masks from the moment you walk in until, for us, we roll tape.” She also spoke about the “COVID cop” they will have overseeing everything.

She said that once they’ve been through the process, she’ll come back and let him know more. As for now, they’ll be tested quite often. Talbot then asked the question most fans want to know: Will this affect intimate scenes, or will those still be done?

“I thought for a while that the only people making love,” she began, “will be Bill and Susan Hayes [who are married off-screen and play onscreen marrieds Doug and Julie] because they live together, you know. The rest of it, how do we know? I don’t really, really know. That’s everybody’s individual comfort level.

“Drake [Hogestyn] is very careful and I haven’t left the house for nine years so I guess we’re probably okay hugging and making out,” she said, smiling. “I don’t know that part. They’re fiercely careful.” To watch the entire interview, click here. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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