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Days of our Lives Spoilers Weekly Update for July 10-14

Days of our Lives spoilersDays of our Lives spoilers

Days of our Lives spoilers (DAYS) for July 10-14 are here. Things finally came to a head this week, and the effects are still being felt by everyone.

JJ was charged with Deimos’s murder, although several unanswered questions remained. Chad and Gabi became the unintended witnesses to Abigail and Dario’s last-minute wedding, which stirred up some unpleasant emotions.

Speaking of stirring up, Eric and Nicole started remembering moments from the party… and the consequences are only set to escalate. Here are the spoilers!

As the situation surrounding Deimos’s murder continues to grow more complex, Lani discovers a key piece of evidence. Tension is mounting, especially for Abigail, who becomes increasingly suspicious of Dario. Brady is also left with some unpleasant thoughts, and he feels a flare-up of jealousy after finding Nicole and Eric together.

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