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Days of our Lives Spoilers Weekly Update for August 14-18

Days of our Lives spoilersDays of our Lives spoilers

Days of our Lives spoilers (DAYS) for August 14-18 are here! Things got incredibly complex this week, and more than a few heads are still spinning.

Joey put himself in harm’s way in order to save Kayla, and the strain it put on the Johnson family was palpable. Another relationship was put on the rocks when Brady’s jealousy got the better of him, and he got a shock after breaking into Eric’s room.

Still another illicit endeavor was put in motion by Anjelica, who arranged to use Bonnie as her pawn… but as it turns out, she’s only getting started. Here are the spoilers!

Marlena’s situation remains dire, but she finally connect with John and pleads for his assistance. Another shocking request is set to come from Tripp, who asks for Kayla’s forgiveness for all that he has done. Amnesty will be in short supply elsewhere, though, when Chad and Sonny’s fates are sealed.

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