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Should Jade Help Out Her Father?

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Jade learned that her father, Hal, has cirrhosis and is in dire need of a liver transplant on Days of Our Lives.

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) explained the gravity of the situation to Jade, noting that Hal’s best chance for a compatible donor come from someone in his family. When Hal asked his daughter to get tested to see if she might be a match, Jade refused, reminding him of how awful he’s treated her in the past.

However, upon further thought, she agreed to take the test and donate part of her liver to save him, if she’s a match. Soap Hub asked if Jade should help out her ailing father. Over 4,000 Days of Our Lives fans spoke out on the subject.

Yes, He’s Her Dad
Over half of you, 55%, believe Jade should step up and help Hal. Granted, he’s been anything but a model father, and he’s never really treated her with warm loving parental care. Yet, blood is blood in your book. That’s why Jade (Gabrielle Haugh) should get tested and donate part of her liver, if she’s a match. If she doesn’t and something happens to Hal, she’d regret it the rest of her life.

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Maybe, It’s A Hard Call
Under the circumstances – namely, Jade’s horrible relationship with Hal (Real Andrews), not to mention the rest of her family – some 27% of you are torn over what she should do. Part of you doesn’t feel Jade should risk her own life for a man who’s been so mean to her. But, then again, he is her dad. It’s a hard call that you simply can’t make.

No, He’s Been Horrible to Her
Absolutely not, say 18% of fans. You don’t care if Hal is Jade’s father. He’s never acted like one toward her. Hal has treated Jade poorly in the past and totally abandoned her when she was pregnant by Joey (James Lastovic). Why should she step up to help him, now? There’s absolutely no reason. If Jade was smart, she’d just walk away from him.

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