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Do You Want to See Hattie Free in Salem?

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Hope is determined to prove Hattie’s innocence on Days of Our Lives, so she’ll be freed from prison.

The two women became friends when Hope (Kristian Alfonso) was sent to the slammer and came face-to-face with Hattie, a former acquaintance. Hattie quickly began looking out for Hope as she adjusted to life behind bars. Hope, in turn, learned how Hattie ended up in prison, after being bamboozled by a guy.

Upon figuring out that guy was Andre (Thaao Penghlis), Hope became determined to get to the bottom of things and clear Hattie. Soap Hub asked fans your thoughts on Hattie being set free into Salem society and nearly 7,000 of you responded.

Yes, Free Hattie
A major 86% of fans are all for Hattie getting sprung and relocating to Salem. Between her past with Andre and her crush on Roman (Josh Taylor), there’s plenty of story to tell regarding the brazen broad. Hattie’s real and down to earth, not to mention a whole lot of fun. She’d infuse the town with a brand new spark.

Double Dilemma
This question posed a dilemma – actually, a double dilemma — for 8% of you. You’re not quite sure how you feel about the possibility of Deidre Hall playing two characters on a regular basis. While Hattie’s fun and you do enjoy her, you’re afraid she could turn out to be too much. Nevertheless, you would like to see the character’s past with Andre be resolved.

No, Send Her Packing
According to 7% of you, Hattie is best in small doses. So you absolutely don’t want to see her relocate to Salem with Hope. The character served her purpose as Hope’s prison pal. But once that story wraps up, it’s time for Hattie to disappear again. Besides, you much prefer watching the actress play Marlena.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Share your thoughts, leave a comment in the section below. Win exclusive member-only DAYS spoilers, prizes, and more: sign up here! Also, join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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