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Which Convict’s Exit Was Your Favorite on DAYS?

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After their prison escape, Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander wreaked havoc on the citizens of Salem on Days of Our Lives.

Revenge was sweet and swift for The Terrible Trio. Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander were hellbent on getting even with the foes from their past by holding them hostage, attempting to kill them, and evoking fear and panic in everyone who crossed their paths. Ultimately, each one of them disappeared from the story canvas. Soap Hub asked which convict’s exit was your favorite.

Dead and Gone
The bulk of fans, some 46% of you, found Orpheus’s (George Del Hoyo) exit the most compelling – and shocking. After a showdown with Steve and John, he ended up shot, arrested, and taken to the Salem PD. While you were expecting him to head back to prison, Orpheus ended up taking a vial from Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) medical bag, drinking it, and killing himself. It was a major surprise you never saw coming.

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Back to the Slammer
Some 41% of fans thought Clyde’s sendoff was tops. You enjoyed Andre and Chad’s clever plot to trap him in the panic room at the DiMera mansion, culminating with JJ hauling him off to the cop shop. In the end, Clyde (James Read) ended up with a 25-to-life, which you felt was exactly what the scoundrel deserved.

Off to Greece
The remaining 13% of fans were intrigued by Xander’s departure. You thought Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) stepping in to help his nephew by giving him a fake passport and cash and arranging a trip to Greece was a cool twist. Not only was he the only con to get off scot-free, but lucky Xander (Paul Telfer) ended up heading off on the ultimate all-expense paid vacation.

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