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Eric Martsolf Dishes Brady Confronting Chloe About Holly

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Brady finds himself between a rock and a hard place, when he confronts Chloe with the truth about Holly on Days of Our Lives. He knows the baby she gave birth to is actually Nicole and the late Daniel’s biological child.

Man in the Middle
“Here’s Brady, this poor guy, in the middle between his ex-wife, Chloe, and Nicole (Arianne Zucker), a woman who he has been involved with before and cares about very deeply,” sets up Eric Martsolf (Brady).

“Which way do you land on this? From the outsider’s point of view the obvious choice is to have Holly be with her mother. Isn’t that the obvious choice? But it’s not always so cut and dry like that.”

Lying Eyes
For her part, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) doesn’t initially concede the truth. “She plays a little cat and mouse with Brady,” notes Martsolf. “She doesn’t want to admit it, right away.”

But Chloe can’t really hide the truth behind her big blue eyes. After all, Brady knows them oh so well.

Exploring the Past
“Nadia and I have always joked about the fact that ever since I’ve portrayed Brady, [the writers] have never really explored Chloe and Brady’s past relationship,” says Martsolf.

“When has it ever really come into play that these two people were deeply in love and actually had a relationship with each other? This is the first time you actually see moments of them connecting.

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I say this because, essentially, Chloe cannot keep this truth from Brady. She cannot look him in the eye and play him, because once you know a person inside and out, good luck trying to deceive them. You can’t do it.”

On Opposite Sides
So, eventually, Chloe does admit all and, “she confides in Brady. Then, he pleads with her to tell Nicole the truth,” shares Martsolf.

“This is all Nicole has ever wanted her entire life. The one thing she never thought she would ever have, a baby, she finally has. And what do you know, there’s a problem in the form of Deimos.”

The ex-convict and unscrupulous Kiriakis has got Chloe extremely concerned; particularly now that he’s engaged to marry Nicole. She doesn’t trust him or his lifestyle, and, not surprisingly, doesn’t want Holly anywhere near him.

Making Her Point
“Chloe does not want to tell Nicole right off the bat, because she has reservations as to whether Holly being with Nicole and under the same roof as Deimos Kiriakis [Vincent Irizarry] is a good idea,” explains Martsolf.

“Classically, Chloe has those surrogate ties to this child. And she’s very concerned that this is not going to be the proper environment for Holly to be raised in. So Chloe wants to keep the entire truth from Nicole.”

Brady hears Chloe out, and Martsolf acknowledges that “she does bring up some good points. It just so happens that…continue reading on the next page —>

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