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How Do You Think Things Will End for Deimos?

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After trying to off two of his enemies on Days of Our Lives, the walls are quickly closing in on Deimos.

Determined to get the key to the powerful Orwell device, Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) decided to neutralize his opposition.

He arranged a severe beating for Dario and tried to poison Tony. When an appalled Nicole confronted him about his actions, he told her he’s at war and that everything he’s doing is to give her and Holly a wonderful life. It made Nicole seriously doubt their relationship and her decision to raise Holly with someone so vicious. It could be the end of the line for Deimos, both personally and “professionally,” as Nicole seems poised to leave him and his enemies seem certain to retaliate — but Soap Hub asked what will happen next for Deimos.

Nicole Will Dump Him
Close to 8,000 fans responded, and 57% of you believe this was the last straw for Nicole and that she will dump Deimos. She’s finally seen her fiancé’s dark, demented side and how he’ll do absolutely anything to get what he wants – including commit murder. Now that she’s a mother, she has not only her own life to consider but also Holly’s life. Breaking up with Deimos is what is best for both of them.

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An Enemy Will Kill Him
Trying to off a DiMera and a Hernandez was asking for serious double trouble. And 21% of you think Deimos is going to get paid back when one of his enemies kills him. Your bet is that Eduardo (A Martinez), the former hitman, will do the deed.

He’ll Leave Nicole
It seems that 13% of you believe Deimos will realize the only way Nicole (Arianne Zucker) will ever get custody of Holly is if she separates herself from him, and you believe Deimos will do the right thing. He’ll end their engagement and leave Nicole and Salem for good. In the process, he’ll also save himself, knowing his enemies are coming after him. It’s really Deimos’s only choice.

He’ll Head Back to Prison
The final 9% of you think Deimos is headed back to prison. Once it’s proven that he ordered the hit on Dario and orchestrated Andre’s (Thaao Penghlis) poisoning, Deimos will be looking at a double attempted murder charge. His short taste of freedom and dream of a happy future with Nicole will be over and done, and he’ll be back behind bars where he belongs.

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