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The Surprising Way Fans Feel About Chad, Abby and Gabi…

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Chad is married to Abigail on Days of Our Lives, but he can’t deny his feelings for and pull toward Gabi.

It’s left the young DiMera in a romantic quandary. On the one hand, Chad is totally committed to Abigail, his wife and the mother of his son Thomas. He’s always considered her his soulmate.

On the other hand, Chad developed a love and attraction for Gabi after he was led to believe that Abigail had died. What makes the threesome so compelling is that actor Billy Flynn shares a chemistry with both Marci Miller and Camila Banus.

But which one is stronger? Over 8,500 Days of Our Lives fans spoke out on the soaps’ hottest triangle.

Pulling for Abigail
Nearly half of Days fans, 47%, are pulling for Team Abigail. Marci Miller may be new to daytime and the role of Abigail, but you feel her connection to Billy Flynn is the real deal.

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It was obvious from the day she debuted and the twosome locked eyes that there was a strong chemistry between them. Miller took control of Abigail and, in turn, solidified her position as the only woman for Chad.

Mad for Gabi
Meanwhile, 38% of fans think Gabi is the right woman for Chad based on Camila Banus’s sizzling chemistry with Billy Flynn.

Their first kiss was hot, and you’re hoping the duo take things to the next level. Chad and Abigail may be sweet together, but when it comes to off-the-charts passion, Chad and Gabi rule.

Dead Heat
The remaining 15% of you are as torn as Chad is between Abigail and Gabi. You think Billy Flynn’s chemistry with both actresses is spot on. Some days, you find yourself totally caught up in Chad and Abigail and pulling for them to get back to the couple they once were. Then, Chad and Gabi are in a scene together and you can’t help but root for them.

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