Was Abby Right To Leave Chad In The Lurch on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL)?

Days Of Our LivesAbby and Chad

On Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), Abby had to survive a psycho boyfriend, giving birth prematurely in a cabin watched over by said psycho boyfriend, going kind of nuts herself, faking her death, and then weeks of lurking in order to reunite with husband Chad.

So, after all that, why did she leave him at the altar?

Sure, while Abby was gone, Chad developed feelings for Gabi (Camila Banus). But, as soon as his wife returned, he swore to put that on the back burner and swore he was completely devoted to Abby and baby Thomas.

That was the whole point of their vow renewal, wasn’t it? Abby (Marci Miller) didn’t agree, and so she cut him loose. Was that a mistake? Here is what almost 8,000 of you had to say about her decision:

Wrong Way
Chad (Billy Flynn) loves you, Abby, insist 55% of fans. He is doing the best he can and you’re wrong to push him away. The two of you are meant to be.

Surely, overcoming death proved that to you. Go back to your husband immediately, tell him you’ve changed your mind and live happily ever after! The people have spoken!

Do the Right Thing
No way, counter 44% of you. Abby did the only thing a woman who wants to hang on to her self-respect could do.

She wasn’t going to spend the rest of her life feeling like she came in second, or that Chad is only staying with her out of obligation. Besides, there’s always Dario (Jordi Vilasuso) for her to fall back on!

Why Do You Have To Be a Heart-Breaker?
Finally, 1% of viewers aren’t sure what Abby should do. All you know is that your hearts have been broken. Of course, as one wrote, this isn’t the first time. Heart-break is why people watch soaps in the first place, no?

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