Why Paulina Price Continues To Be The Worst Boss On Days of our Lives

Melinda Trask’s lawsuit should come in the next few DAYS.

paulina price is the worst on days of our lives.Paulina Price.

We thought we’d seen the worst Paulina Price could be as a boss on Days of our Lives when she treated her Public Relations consultant, Stephanie, like her own personal errand girl. She wanted Stephanie on call every minute of every day, including evenings and weekends, and then expected her to not only do tasks outside of her job description, but also outside of the law.

Paula Price Is The Worst Boss

Paulina (Jackeé Harry) ordered Stephanie (Abigail Klein) to deliver blackmail payoffs and fired her when Paulina’s criminal past came to light. Was Stephanie supposed to have gone back in time and stopped Paulina from doing something stupid — not to mention illegal?

But now it seems all of that inappropriate workplace behavior was just a warm-up for the way Paulina would misuse her power now that she’s been appointed — not elected, mind you — mayor.

Days of our Lives: Two Wrongs Make a Price

Paulina was furious at the way the Deputy Mayor misused his power not to give Chanel (Raven Bowens) anything she wanted. So Paulina misused her power to get herself placed into the mayoral position, give her precious baby anything she wanted, and then go on a firing spree.

Recently, it was Melinda’s (Tina Huang) turn to face the firing squad (you see what we did there?). Melinda pointed out that she’d been doing a good job as District Attorney. Paulina agreed. Then, she explained that she was doing this because she didn’t like Melinda. She can do that, you know. She’s the mayor.

Paulina Price: Twisted Law

Fabulous lawsuits could be made after an admission like Paulina’s. This is illegal termination of the highest order. This is personal. This is retaliation. Melinda has a great case on her hands. She can even throw in a racist basis. Have you seen a single other Asian working for this administration? Yeah. Explain that, Madame Mayor. And now that Melinda is unemployed, she has plenty of time to file her briefs. Paulina actually did Melinda a favor!

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