Why Melinda Trask Is the Worst Lawyer in Days of our Lives History

Why would she do something so dumb these DAYS?

melinda trask is an awful lawyer on days of our lives.Melinda Trask.

Salem is full of Days of our Lives lawyers who pull all sorts of dirty tricks to get their clients out of prison — or to railroad innocent people into it. EJ is an unscrupulous lawyer, and Kristen has also hired a few of those over the years. Belle tries to play fair, but even she isn’t above a little lie here and there — as long as it’s for a good cause. But Melinda Trask seems determined to take bad lawyering to a whole new level, as she’s just proven in how she handled Sloan and Eric’s adoption.

Melinda Trask: Jumping the Gun

What kind of responsible lawyer — or human being, for that matter — tells a couple desperate for a baby an adoption is all set, lets them get excited, lets them run out and start buying baby things, but then mentions that it’s not as clear cut as all that?

The baby boy that Melinda (Tina Huang) just promised them is actually not free and available for adoption. Another couple has already signed a contract to adopt him. But Melinda can get that contract broken and swipe the baby for Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) and Eric (Greg Vaughan), as long as Sloan is OK with that. But she buried the lede. Melinda let Eric and Sloan think the adoption was a done deal BEFORE she filled Sloan in on all the details. Who does that?

Stuck in the Middle With You

Melinda then pretty much manipulated and practically blackmailed Sloan into going along with the plan. Except the plan fell through anyway. And now Melinda has promised Eric and Sloan a baby she can’t deliver. Who does that?

Does Melinda not care about her friends’ feelings? Does she not care about her friend’s relationship? Melinda doesn’t have that many friends. Can she really risk it? Did she do this as a way to feed her ego? So Melinda can feel like a hero? What is wrong with her? Who does that?

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