Why Isn’t Stephanie Johnson Driving Days of our Lives Story?

This daughter of Steve and Kayla Johnson should be in the thick of DAYS things!

stephanie johnson gets a phone call as chad watches on days of our lives.Stephanie is on hand for the Days of our Lives action, but she isn't driving it.

Stephanie Johnson was born on Days of our Lives. She is the daughter of a mega-hot supercouple, Steve and Kayla Johnson. Abigail Klein is a very appealing young actress. But if Stephanie is supposed to be a future leading lady of Salem, we have to wonder…why isn’t she doing much of anything?

Days of our Lives: Much Ado About Nothing

Oh, Stephanie has plenty to do. For a while, her job was to listen to Paulina (Jackée Harry) berate Stephanie for things that weren’t her fault and demand that she complete tasks that were way, way outside of her Public Relations job description. Then her job was to keep Chad (Billy Flynn) company while his children had sads over their mom’s death. Then it was to let Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) flirt with her, sleep with him, and get furious over a lie so minor most people in Salem wouldn’t even register it as one.

Breaking News For Stephanie Johnson on Days of our Lives

These days, Stephanie mostly agrees with Paulina that Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) is the worst, makes goo-goo eyes at Chad, and spends endless time talking about her once-dead, now-alive mom. The point is, Stephanie is merely reacting to story, not making it. Even her alleged romance with Chad was less about an unignorable attraction, and more about how she was mad at Alex now, so that meant she had to sleep with Chad — duh.

In Charge of My Own DAYS Destiny

Real heroines don’t just wait for things to happen, and then talk about them endlessly. Real heroines make things happen, if not for other people, at least for themselves. Abigail can’t even do that. She defaulted to Chad. She defaulted into the search for Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) when her mom called her. Abigail didn’t do anything to make it happen. Heck, she needed Tripp (Lucas Adams) to suggest getting hypnotized to see if she could remember where Kayla said she was. The character and the actress both have great potential. Why isn’t DAYS taking better advantage of it?

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