Why Is the Salem PD Jumping To Conclusions on Days of our Lives?

Will they give up on looking for Abe Carver in the next DAYS?

days of our lives jerry provides a witness story to eli and rafe.Jerry is a witness for Eli and Rafe.

Mayor Abe Carver is dead on Days of our Lives. Yup, we’re sure. No doubts, no concerns, no hesitations. Time to inform the family, plan a funeral, and cry, cry, cry. If the Salem Police Department said so, it absolutely must be true!

Days of our Lives Eyewitness Testimony

Whitley (Kim Coles) blackmailed Jerry (Terrell Ransom Jr.) into planting Abe’s (James Reynolds) blood and hospital bracelet on the docks, then telling the police he saw “a man” fall in. “Can you describe the man?” they wanted to know.

Uhm, yeah, sure. He was, um, man-shaped, about Jerry’s height, and, oh, yeah, also old. Totes old. Well, that seemed good enough for the crackerjack Salem Police Department’s finest in the field. Nope, no need to ask any more questions.

Rafe (Galen Gering) and Eli (Lamon Archey) didn’t ask how old was old. To a kid Jerry’s age, 40 might as well be 70. They didn’t ask, Black, white, Hispanic, or Asian. They didn’t ask what he was wearing. Since Jerry is pretty bad at improv, would he have even thought to say “hospital gown?” Especially since he’s never seen Abe in one?

Nope. They just showed Jerry Abe’s picture. That him? Yup, absolutely, that’s him. OK, thanks. Run along now. And Jerry was more than happy to get the heck out of there and report back to Whitley.

DAYS Forensic Files

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they scraped the spilled blood off the docks and tested to see if it was Abe’s. So, good thinking, Nurse Whitley! But all that means is that Abe was there at some point. (We don’t blame them for not leaping to the conclusion that this was a frame-up.)

Eli dove into the water to look for his father-in-law. (Nice tattoos, by the way!) He didn’t find a body. Then the divers came. They didn’t find a body either.

Did it ever occur to any of the fine Salem civil servants that Abe fell into the water…and then climbed out of the water a few yards away? After all, falling into a river in the summer isn’t exactly the ocean in the wintertime. The water is probably pretty warm. It doesn’t have to be deadly. But, nope. A sketchy eyewitness and no body? Let’s inform the family.

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