Where Is Kristen DiMera’s Self-Worth On Days of our Lives?

Why is Kristen happy with sloppy seconds?

Days of our Lives Kristen DiMera and Brady Black

Powerhouse player Kristen DiMera is getting what she wants on Days of our Lives, but at what cost? Sure, she’s going to be in Brady Black’s house and is inching closer to getting into his bed but why would a woman like Kristen want him in the first place?

Days of our Lives: Love Wars

Kristen’s (Stacy Haiduk) obsession with Brady (Eric Martsolf) really knows no bounds. She loves him, she wants him, and she’s just got to have him, no matter who it hurts. In fact, the way it hurts Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) makes it so much sweeter. She sure does enjoy tearing that woman down.

Kristen has a whole history full of seduction, manipulations, danger, and scheming but this is off the charts. She almost let three women die to get Brady’s attention. Sure, she claims it has to do with Rachel Brady (Finley Rose Slater) too, but she wasn’t exactly asking for just custody. She wanted the whole package.

DAYS: Terrible Life Lessons

What Kristen isn’t considering in this war is what she is teaching Rachel. Is this the way she wants Rachel to act when she grows up? Always second best. Always winning by force? Never being number one in her partner’s heart? We’re sure she’d want more for her daughter so why not for herself?

All this just to stick it to Chloe, get Brady alone, and try to force-feed him her love. Yes, yes, being with Rachel is important too, but that wasn’t the foremost thought in her mind, nor was it her ultimate goal. What Kristen is doing is showing Rachel it’s okay to step on other women’s toes and pretend that is self-esteem.

Days of our Lives: Her Downfall Is Coming

One day, this is all going to fall apart and Kristen is going to be left in the dust. The truth will come out, Brady is going to sell her out, Chloe will get him back, and Rachel could very well end up hating her. Perhaps it will be the lesson Kristen needs to finally get herself some therapy and learn to love herself. Do you agree with us or do you have your own thoughts on this storyline? Let us know in the comments section below.

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