Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Lauren Koslow

The actress was able to take her character’s predicament and share with the audience a full range of emotions.

lauren koslow is days of our lives performer of the week.Lauren Koslow as Kate Roberts Brady.

Lauren Koslow and her alter-ego found themselves in some familiar territory this week, but it was no mere exercise in nostalgia.

Lauren Koslow — Performer of the Week

Having spent the evening previous prepping the catch of the day and bartering her wedding ring for the use of a shipmate’s cell phone, Kate was not in the best of moods.

Between her body language and facial expressions, Koslow telegraphed a telling, aching weariness that she quickly replaced with a haughty air once Kate was presented with a bowl full of “slop” that was to pass for breakfast.

Koslow next brought a comedian’s touch to the scene in which Kate tried and failed to consume more than one spoonful of her gruel followed by irritated exasperation at Kate’s jailer who took great delight in watching “a rich Americana living like a peasant.”

Kate demanded some answers to her most pressing questions — chief among them, when will she be allowed to depart the ship. When none were forthcoming, and not so much because the not-so-gentle giant before her didn’t want to answer but because he couldn’t, Kate insisted that she be taken to someone who could.

When stymied, Kate seized her bully’s hand and threatened to remove the ring she’d traded him with the serrated knife she’d used on countless Nemos.

“You don’t want to do this,” squealed the defenseless man. “Oh I do, I really do,” replied Koslow with a verve in her voice that really hammered home the desire.

Kate got her audience with the boss man, and Lauren Koslow proved that you should never count her character out, especially when she’s down.

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