Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Lauren Koslow

The actress shined while battling her character’s mortality.

Soap Hub Performer of the Week for DAYS: Lauren Koslow

What’s that old saying? Dying is easy, it’s selling the death scene that’s hard? Well, that may indeed be the case, but DAYS’ Lauren Koslow made Kate Roberts Brady’s shuffling off this mortal coil look effortless.

Lauren Koslow — Performer of the Week

In her earliest scenes, Koslow brought low-key spunk. After sipping down some strawberry lemonade she ruefully declared that, “You know what my New Year’s resolution is? One of them, anyway? To stop at the first bottle of champagne.” If only a hangover was the least of Kate’s problems.

Enter Rex Brady (Kyle Lowder), who came bearing some disconcerting news. Kate’s recent test results seem to indicate that she might be reinfected with the virus that nearly claimed her life months earlier. Koslow played it cool, calm, and collected, but it was clear that just beneath the veneer of unflappability, her alter-ego her frantically processing what this could all mean. A relapse? Something much, much worse?

No matter, Kate had things to do, and a son to visit in prison. She certainly did not have time to sit and mope, and while away her day. Upon returning from said errands, Kate sneezed. An innocuous occurrence to anyone unaware that such an action heralds the onset of the dreaded illness.

All at once Koslow presented Kate as scared to death that this was the beginning of the end, and defiant in the face of that very thing. Go to the hospital? On account of a sneeze? Nah. She’d much rather stay put and have a meal with her ever-loving hubby — chowder to be specific.

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What followed were scenes in which Koslow got to show off her impressive range. There was flippant Kate, who, in light of learning that that Kayla Brady Johnson’s (Mary Beth Evans) test results were mirror images of hers, popped off with, “Well, I guess we’re relapsing together.” Resolved Kate, who declared, “I know that I’m getting sick again. And I know last time that I almost died, but I didn’t. And I don’t intend to die this time either.” Scared Kate, who confessed that “I can’t go through that again…the waiting, and the fear, and the wondering what’s going to happen because that’s my idea of Hell.”

And then there was the Kate who lay on her deathbed. She still looked a million bucks — if you’re going to die, do it in style — but there was no denying how weak and feeble and pitiful she now looked. With everlasting darkness enveloping her, Kate managed to express her love for her husband and for her son — and then she was gone. And Lauren Koslow reminded us exactly why she is so beloved.

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