Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Greg Vaughan

Eric Brady’s loss treated fans to a tour de force performance from the chiseled actor who portrays him.

Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Greg Vaughan

When you conjure up images of daytime TV’s greatest criers, don’t sleep on the male performers, and definitely don’t overlook DAYS’ Greg Vaughan, the grizzled manly man who can produce tears at a moment’s notice and rip your heart out with a simple lip quiver.

Greg Vaughan — Performer of the Week

Prior to his sit down with costar Elia Cantu — Jada Hunter to DAYS devotees –, Vaughan was all smiles and confidence. His Eric Brady had in all: a girl that he loved and who loved him back, a big supportive family, and a baby on the way. But storm clouds gathered. Jada was there with an update: there wasn’t going to be a baby.

“What do you mean there’s no baby,” Vaughan queried before pulling his lips into a bemused, confused smile. When apprised that Jada had terminated her pregnancy — or, more succinctly, that she’d had an abortion — Eric subtly but noticeably vacillated between anger, disappointment, and frustration. It was all there, in Vaughan’s eyes, in the control — or lack thereof — that he excised with his jaw.

Hadn’t Jada agreed only the day previous that she wanted to keep their baby? How could she undertake such drastic action without telling him? Yes, yes, her body, her choice, but didn’t they have a plan? He was so excited to be a father. Why couldn’t she have just talked to him about it?

What was it that changed Jada’s mind? Much soul searching, it turns out. That and a conversation with Nicole Walker Hernandez (Arianne Zucker). Nicole? Eric’s ladylove? That stung. That cut Eric to the quick. “It was just the other day that this pregnancy wasn’t unwanted,” he ruefully recalled — Vaughan’s eyes welling up — “and your conversation with Nicole changed that.”

Off to Nicole’s office at Basic Black Eric flew, and it was opposite Zucker where Greg Vaughan truly shone. He was accusatory — “What did you say to Jada? … Did you encourage her to have an abortion? — combative — “ANSWER THE QUESTION! Yes or no? Did you push her to terminate that pregnancy?” — dejected, and ultimately disillusioned.

Eric’s loss showcased Greg Vaughan’s underused acting arsenal and earned him Soap Hub’s Performer of the week for DAYS. Hats off for an excellent performance!

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