Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Bill Hayes

Even glowing contacts could not mask the gleam in his eye as he ate up the scene.

Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Bill HayesBill Hayes

Say what you will about DAYS’ continued reliance on the Devil to liven things up, the truth of the matter is that anytime Bill Hayes is called upon to embody the Prince of Darkness you will be entertained — Hayes is just that damn compelling.

Bill Hayes — Performer of the Week

With a smile on his face and a gleam in his eye that could not be masked by the glowing contact lenses inserted therein, Bill Hayes greeted co-star Deidre Hall’s alter ego with an enthusiastic, “Hello, Marlena darling. Tell me, did you miss me? I certainly have missed you.”

What is this, wondered Marlena. Why is Doug Williams sitting before her, jaundiced-eyed and decked out in scarlet? Has he passed on as well? Perish the thought, cackled Satan. “Doug is very much alive,” it went on to explain, before adding, “He’ll probably live forever.” (That last line no doubt delighted Hayes to no end.)

Marlena was in desperate need of answers. How? Why? Well, to cut to the chase, The Devil thought its favorite host might enjoy seeing a familiar face. And besides, if she were to stare at its true visage her face would, “absolutely melt away!”

Unamused, Marlena demanded that the two of them get down to the very serious business at hand. Agreed, replied DevilDoug.

Stretching his face into a picture-perfect ‘I’m here to listen’ pose, and ever so coyly batting his lashes, Hayes wondered aloud, “How may I help you?”

Well, for starters, Marlena would just love it if her most fervent tormentor would tear up those bogus contracts that she, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), and Kate (Lauren Koslow) were tricked into signing.

“These contracts,” wondered DD, after poofing them into existence. Yes. Also, Marlena wasn’t the least bit impressed. “Fair enough,” huffed Hayes, clearly unbothered.

Anyway, Marlena wanted a do-over. The signatures on those contracts were obtained under false pretenses, and therefore shouldn’t be enforceable. “On Earth, maybe” countered DD, “here we encourage a certain lawlessness.” The hiss with which Hayes punctuated the line, was superb.

Still, Marlena persisted. And she made some pretty good points…much to the Big Bad’s chagrin.

After having a good think on the matter, a decision was reached. Call it a compromise of sorts. DD was ready, willing, and able to void Kayla and Kate’s contracts…but it would only do so on the proviso that Marlena agrees to remain by his side for all of eternity. Agreed.

Devil Doug’s triumphant was also a banner moment for Bill Hayes who no doubt delighted in getting to play very much against type.

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