Soap Hub October Powerhouse Performer for DAYS: Louise Sorel

The beloved star’s return to Salem made quite a mark on DAYS.

louise sorel plays vivian alamain on days of our lives getting powerhouse performance for october.Louise Sorel as Vivian Alamain.

She made us laugh, and she made us….well, laugh. And she put a bullet in Dimitri. She didn’t kill him, but she did try, so there’s that. DAYS’ Louise Sorel bit into some uproariously meaty material and made a right meal out of it.

Louise Sorel: DAYS’ Powerhouse Performer

Ever since sweeping (slinking) her way into Victor’s memorial service the month previous, Sorel made her magnetic presence known.

Whether it was berating Maggie (Suzanne Rogers), giggling like a schoolgirl with fellow Statesville graduate Bonnie (Judi Evans), or deadpanning that “no one wants to work anymore” when her scheme to hire an executive to help with trafficking in illegal drugs crashed and burned, Sorel delivered with gusto.

But it was in Vivan’s firing some lead into Dimitri Von Leuschner (Peter Porte), and the aftermath of the crime, that Sorel mined comedy gold.

After committing the foul deed — admittedly necessary in order to save the lives of her son and his lady love — Sorel, or rather her delicious alter ego, practically pranced over to Gabi (Camila Banus) and Stefan (Brandon Barash), waving her handgun carelessly to and fro, and explained, “In situations like this, I like to act first and then ask questions later.”

While Gabi and Stefan debated what to do, Sorel’s Vivian set rather stoney-faced…awash with nonchalance. This wasn’t her first rodeo. Why be bothered?

“Stock certificates?!” Yes, stock certificates. That got Vivian’s attention. “Why didn’t you say,” bellowed Sorel, hopping up from her seat with lightning quickness. “Excuse me, where are the stock certificates” she asked, rather sharpish of the man dying at her feet.

Once Dimitri had signed over his and his mother’s shares to Gabi and Stefan and been rushed to the E.R., it remained for Gabi, Stefan, and Vivian to confer and come up with a game plan.

Vivian couldn’t take the rap. Oh no. As Sorel bitingly and condescendingly explained her Second Amendment rights had been suspended. When Gabi persisted that honesty was the best policy (HA!), the actress worked to tug at her play son’s heartstrings. “I protected you. Can’t you return the favor?”

Indeed he could. And did. Until Gabi tired of Vivian lording it up and ratted her out. With nothing left to do but run, Vivian headed for her homeland…in fur, sunglasses, and an oversized hat. “Have to be careful. One never knows who one’s going to run into.” And with that Louise Sorel bid Salem adieu. We hope it won’t be for long.

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