Shame for DAYS: Marlena Evans and Kate Brady are Going to Waste

Why DAYS needs to change course.

kate roberts brady and marlena evans black on days of our lives.Salem should be using these DAYS legends more.

Marlena Evans Black and Kate Roberts Brady have driven stories for decades on Days of our Lives. They’ve lived, they’ve died, they’ve loved, they’ve hated, they’ve wrestled with the Devil, beaten the Devil, and were possessed by the Devil. They’ve done it all, and they’ve done it well. So, why is the show wasting both these incredible talents by planting them behind desks and tables to listen to other people’s troubles?

Days of our Lives: The Doctor Is In

We realize that Marlena (Deidre Hall) is a psychiatrist and listening to people talk about themselves is her job. But, programming is Wendy’s (Victoria Grace) job, and we don’t spend day after day watching her enter ones and zeroes into her computer and waiting to see if they compiled correctly. Want to know why?

Because watching people perform the minutia of their jobs is boring, that’s why. Especially when the most interesting thing Marlena was forced to listen to this week was the saga of Li (Remington Hoffman) and his high school girlfriend. Which wasn’t very interesting.

Without Portfolio

It’s even worse for Kate (Lauren Koslow). Her job is not to listen to boring people tell boring stories and yet she does it, anyway. She spends her day at the Brady Pub listening to her children whine about their lives. Both Philip (John-Paul Lavoisier) and Rex (Kyle Lowder) are gone now. But, she still has former stepson Chad (Billy Flynn), and his Stephanie (Abigail Klein) drama. Kate wants to help. but she’s capable of so much more.

Double Your Fun

Both women are capable of so much more. It’s obvious the show is just burning off their guaranteed number of appearances by making them the talk-to for less popular characters. If it’s supposed to make us like those characters more, it’s not working. If it’s supposed to make us like Marlena and Kate less, it’s not working. So, to summarize: This strategy? It’s not working, DAYS.

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