On the Couch: Why Megan Hathaway Is a Days of our Lives Classic Case

We know why Megan acts the way she does on Days of our Lives.

megan hathaway examines her days of our lives life on the soap hub couch.It's time to learn more about Megan Hathaway.

Any Days of our Lives character who comes into contact with Megan Hathaway sooner rather than later asks the question – either out loud or just mumbled under their breath, “What in the world is the matter with that woman?” Now, Megan would likely answer, “Nothing at all, why do you ask?” But, we invite her to take a seat on our therapist’s couch and see if any of these symptoms sound vaguely familiar.

Days of our Lives Diagnosis for Megan Hathaway: Nutcase

Let’s play Psychiatric Jeopardy! The answer is: An abnormal state in which development has stopped prematurely. Some patients may exhibit greed, immaturity, or irrational fear. Others may be prone to blame others for their misfortunes. Anger, confusion, and resentment may also present. 

Greed, immaturity, irrational fear, anger, and blaming others for their misfortune. That’s our Megan (Miranda Wilson). Greed: She wants Bo (Peter Reckell). Immaturity: She throws tantrums when she can’t have Bo. Irrational Fear: She can’t live without Bo. Anger: Why the hell doesn’t she have Bo? Blaming Others: Here is a list of people to blame for her not having Bo…his family, his friends, and his rotten wife. Put it together, and what do you get? Saligadula, michicabula, bibbidy, bobbidy: Arrested Development!

Days of our Lives: And How They Got That Way

It’s not all Megan’s fault, however. First off, her genetics were always against her: Her father is that psychopath to beat all psychopaths, Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo). Her adoptive dad, Max Hatheway, brought the psycho nurture.

And then there’s Megan’s mother. She broke up Megan and the love of her life. (That would be Bo, for those who don’t pick up on context clues.) Megan aborted their baby. And then her life effectively…stopped.

The happiest Megan ever was, was with Bo. So she decided to freeze time. To live obsessively in the period during which all was well. She had her Bo, he loved her, and they were going to have a baby. They would be the happy family she always wanted. Reality made that impossible.

But who needs reality? Megan would rather live her 18th year over and over again, like in a time loop. She may look like an adult woman, but she’s really a love-struck teen. The greed, immaturity, irrational fear, and anger are just what happens whenever the world tries to pull her out of that fantasy.

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