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Love Story: Is Sloan Petersen on a Days of our Lives Road To Redemption?

Will Eric Brady mean a change in her DAYS?

days of our lives recap for wednesday, may 10, 2023, sloan petersen.Could Sloan Petersen be on her way to redemption?

When Sloan Petersen first popped up on Days of our Lives, the good people of Salem assumed that all she wanted was to defend bad people who stubbornly insisted on all their rights. Then the good people of Salem felt vindicated when it turned out that Sloan had her own agenda — getting justice for her mother after Chanel was a party to her death, and Paulina covered it up.

Days of our Lives: Is Sloan Petersen Changing?

Now, no matter what happens to Chanel (Raven Bowens) or Paulina (Jackée Harry), Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) is the first and only suspect. But is that starting to change? Are we seeing her start down a slow but steady road to redemption? Here are three clues that this is, indeed, the case.

DAYS: Underdog Syndrome

Even viewers who detest the sight of Sloan are finding it tougher and tougher to sit through day after day of Paulina insisting the woman is guilty of stalking her and sabotaging Chanel…when we know that Sloan is innocent, and it’s actually Chanel’s new squeeze, Talia (Aketra Sevellian), who is to blame. You have to start feeling a little bad for her, as she has to keep defending herself against bogus charges. Usually, when a show wants to redeem a bad girl, they put her through the emotional wringer, first.

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Sloan Petersen: Honestly, Sincere

So far, we’ve only seen Sloan through other people’s eyes. So we’ve never been able to pin down whether she’s putting on an act, or if she means what she says. Once she came face to face with her brother, however, we saw Sloan in a situation where there was no reason for her to lie. And she was definitely sincere about not being responsible for terrorizing Paulina, not to mention her determination to make a new life in Salem, as well as her feelings for Eric (Greg Vaughan).

Days of our Lives: Man Wanted

Oh, yeah. Eric. She really does seem to be into him, doesn’t she? She’s said as much before. To him. To other people. But, again, we didn’t know whether to believe her. Now that we’ve heard her pep talk to Colin (Jasper Newman), we…actually believe her. She really does have feelings for Eric. She really does want their relationship to work out. And if there is one thing that can turn a bad girl into a good girl, it’s true love. So we’re here for it!

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