Is Days of our Lives Deliberately Trying To Trigger Still Traumatized Viewers?

Days of our Lives Kayla, Kate, MarlenaDays of our Lives Kayla, Kate, Marlena

That evil Orpheus has poisoned Marlena Evans Black, Kayla Brady Johnson, and Kate Roberts with a toxin that will kill them shortly. Orpheus wants John Black, Steve Johnson, and Roman Brady to watch the women they love die slowly and painfully, the way Orpheus watched his beloved Rebecca die years ago. Bwahahahahaha!

Days of our Lives: Airway, Breathing, and Circulation

And what are the symptoms of this terrible, killer illness all three women are suffering from? Well, first, you sneeze. Then you run a fever. Then you faint. And then you slowly die, gasping for breath. It’s clearly a respiratory disease.

Hmm. What does that remind us of? Can anyone think of a respiratory disease that America — and the world — is intimately familiar with these days? Anyone? Anyone!

DOOL: Too Close For Comfort

What the $%&*, show? After almost three years of COVID-19, when millions upon millions of people have watched loved ones die, desperately trying to breathe, and millions more lived in terror of becoming the next victims, you thought it would be entertaining to show three women going through the same thing, while their families stood by helplessly?

Days of our Lives: Happy Ending

We know, we know. John (Drake Hogysten), Steve (Stephen Nichols), and Roman (Josh Taylor) will come through in the end. Orpheus (George DelHoya) will be apprehended, and Marlena (Deidre Hall), Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), and Kate (Lauren Koslow) will make a full recovery. That’s a given.

But if you think that will be cathartic for the audience, let us be the first — we are very sad if we are, indeed, the first — to tell you this: It won’t.

We realize that the move to Peacock+ means that DAYS needs to stir up more word of mouth than ever. And we realize that you think all press is good press. We strongly urge you to think again.

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