If Jada Hunter Is Playing DAYS’ Eric Brady, Then We Say Good For Her

We can’t help but wonder if there’s more going on here.

Days of our Lives Jada Hunter and Eric Brady

Nicole Walker soon-to-no-longer-be Hernandez swears up and down on Days of our Lives that she had no intention of talking Jada Hunter into having an abortion. All she did was tell her how hard being a single mom was, how challenging co-parenting was with a man in love with someone else (Nicole, that would be Nicole that Eric Brady is in love with), and isn’t it wonderful that they live in a state — whichever one it might be — where women still have right to choose. And then she waltzed away, making a simultaneously shocked and innocent face when Eric accused her of manipulating Jada into aborting his baby.

Jada Hunter: Turnabout Is Fair Play

And how did Eric (Greg Vaughan) find out about this development? Jada (Elia Cantu) told him. She also had her innocent face on when she more or less explained to Eric how his beloved had driven her to this decision. But if Jada knew exactly what she was doing — driving a wedge between Eric and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) so wide that even another sexy modeling session couldn’t fix it — then we are totally on board.

Nicole deserved anything Jada has to dish out after the way she acted. Nicole is so used to being the master manipulator, that she can’t even fathom someone else outsmarting her in that department. In other words, she can dish it out, but she can’t take it. And we’d really like to see her forced to take it for a change.

Days of our Lives: More To the Story

On the other hand, we have a hard time believing that Jada managed to get her abortion so quickly. Forget mandatory waiting periods. Even if The State With No Name doesn’t have one, there’s the simple matter of finding an available doctor, an available operating room, her insurance cleared, you get the picture.

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You can wait hours to get your kid’s broken arm X-rayed in your average hospital, and Jada just marched in and demanded a procedure that requires general anesthesia on the spot? We don’t buy it. And because we don’t buy it, we’re hoping there is an even bigger manipulation on Jada’s part down the line. We’ll be rooting for her!

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