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By the Days of our Lives Book: Does The Salem PD Understand the Law?

How far will Jada Hunter and Rafe Henandez go these DAYS?

rafe hernandez and jada hunter at the salem police department on days of our lives.Aren't Rafe Hernandez and Jada supposed to uphold the law?

No one expects perfect police procedure on Days of our Lives. But we do expect some brush up against reality. In just one week alone, we saw legal infraction after legal infraction. They’re just begging for a lawsuit. Not that they’d know what that is.

Days of our Lives: Too Close for Comfort

We’ll grant that Jada (Elia Cantu) being Talia’s sister is what first twigged her to Talia’s (Aketra Sevillian) potential lies. But, right after that, she should have recused herself from investigating the deception further. Talia easily snowed and guilted Jada into believing her, and Jada passed that sentiment over to Rafe (Galen Gering). Maybe a less involved cop would have seen right through Talia.

DOOL: Body of Evidence

It doesn’t matter that we know Paulina (Jackée Harry) was wrong when she stormed into the police station, lecturing Rafe on how guilty Sloan (Jessica Sefaty) is and how innocent Talia is. It doesn’t matter that Rafe doesn’t know what we know. It does matter that Rafe should know a hysterical woman is not only not a credible witness, but she also has no justification for calling in a woman against who you have not a shred of evidence for questioning.

Did Rafe and Paulina really think that, after all her denials, dragging Sloan down to the police station yet again would make her break down and confess? Well, yeah, since Paulina expected that to happen, she probably did. But Rafe should know better.

Days of our Lives: Civil Hands Unclean

And finally, at least Colin (Jasper Newman) — a foreigner, mind you — knew Jada had absolutely no right to ask him for his ID. Did Jada know that she was out of line? Did Jada care? What basis, exactly, did she have for questioning Colin about anything? Xander (Paul Telfer) said he saw her sister with a guy. Is that a crime? Back to the police academy for you!

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